Strategic Partners

One of the advantages of The Wellynn Group for our clients is the extensive network of strategic partners The Wellynn Group has developed. These are other subject area experts with whom we have worked, and whose talents we respect. Depending on our clients needs, we can bring these strategic partners to the table in a way that makes sure our clients get the services they need, without paying for services they don’t need. Among the experts we work with are:

    • Tripp Umbach — market research and economic impact studies
    • Center for Opinion Research – public opinion polling
    • The Merz Group — creative advertising and strategic branding services
    • Harmelin and Associates — media buying
    • Beholder Productions — all phases of video for broadcast and web
    • Lyquix — web design services
    • Focus Suites — focus group facilities and recruitment

In addition, The Wellynn Group has relationships with freelancers in a wide range of fields, including PR, writing, market research, design (both print and web) and media relations who are proven professionals. Our clients need not take the time or wonder if they are hiring the right resources. The Wellynn Group does that for you.

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